Sunday, March 25, 2018

Who needs a plain old picture frame when you have this Wifi Digital Photo frame

Sungale Wifi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Picture frames from years ago were great, you put a picture inside the frame of Grandma and there she sat for however long you wanted to display it. Well, just like the film that use to make up the basis for photos, eventually picture frames will go the way of the dinosaur.

Enter in the multi-purpose digital device that can actually receive photos from friends and relatives on vacation and other special events. Yes, this is the modern age, you have a full 8 GB to keep your own photos to display locally but you can have the live instantly updated photos from parties across the country, sporting events, you name it.

This unit displayed is called the Sungale WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame, it's on the high end of digital photo frames on the price point, but with all the added features you get, it seems like a bargain. Check it out, it is the photo frame of the future for sure!

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