Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Apple headquarters is open for business in Cupertino

The behemoth that is the corporate home for Apple is open and it's a technical marvel that still holds a lot of mysteries. Why such an opulent building? Well, I guess that's just Apple. 

What would have Steve Jobs said about this? After all, he and Woz started out in a garage, so for them, this may have been a little over the top. But Jobs did say that this 'campus' would hold 12K employees at that facility. The project was first announced by Jobs himself in 2006 as the Apple Campus 2 as you see in the video below.

Steve Jobs proposes Apple 2 Campus to City Council in 2006 at Cupertino, CA

The 'spaceship' style headquarters in Wired magazine perhaps a little over the top? Apple has nothing but cash though, at least they are spending some of it. 

News yesterday was made by the company as they were bringing $350 billion back into the US economy? Where was all that money sitting at, and why didn't Apple bring some of it back to invest in the US a long time ago? Corporate politics? Different business decisions? Apple has always been a hardware first company - are they changing their mode of business?

To me, the project looks like a futuristic stadium with trees and a country setting in the middle... rearrange the foilage on the inside of this building, add some seating and you have a luxury stadium... Maybe the bay area is in need of a new NFL stadium? What ever the case, I am sure as time goes by, we will be seeing more of this magnificently designed 'state of the art' headquarters that the folks from Apple are synonymous for.

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