Sunday, November 25, 2012

Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy Nexus: who's better, who's best

Chances are that you'll be looking at a phone for this holiday season, the hottest phones out there in the Android market is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the recently discontinued Google Galaxy Nexus also by Samsung. The Nexus has just been discontinued in the Google Play store but the deals abound this holiday season in the US by both Verizon and Sprint offering the Nexus for free in many cases if you renew a 2 year contract with the carrier.

This video will show some demonstrations on what phone is faster, and performs the best. Of course the Samsung Galaxy III has the faster chip, so it's going to be faster either way, but if you like the features that Google passes along with their Google issued phones, you may want to go to the Nexus for faster updates from the Google Android folks.

The Samsung phones are historically not updated as quickly with new software as the phones that are made to the specifications of Google. Now with the LG Nexus 4 out, you may even want to consider purchasing that phone from Google themselves, but right now that phone is on a month long back order.

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