Monday, June 18, 2012

Microsoft is just scratching the 'Surface'

New Microsoft tablet/pc product called Surface

We just are getting used to the fact that Microsoft is going full bore into a new operating system called Windows 8 soon. I've tried the new OS on my laptop and really didn't care for it, except for the new Internet Explorer 10 functionality. So what will Microsoft do with this 'touch friendly' type of OS that Windows 8 appears to be?

Of course introduce some new hardware that you can surf till you heart's content. It's called 'Surface' and will it revolutionize what's already been going on in the tablet world for some time? Probably not, but it's a novelty and with the right marketing, maybe it will catch on but maybe it won't.

Now, it's all about specifications. Who has the best clarity on the screen, or that most nifty gadgets to play around with. Microsoft is betting that it will be getting a piece of the pie in this market, and will succeed with this latest offering.

I hope they have a lot more in store for Windows 8 for PC's because that platform is really kind of dreadful with a drastic lack of menus to let you get off certain screens, it's going to be a bumpy ride for this OS and PC's and laptops, that is just about a for sure.

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