Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Samsung Galaxy III: hands on video

Samsung has made a good living off of the 'Galaxy' series of phones. They've come a long way with that series since the original Galaxy release nearly two years ago.

Soon, there will be the Galaxy III series, a phone that is almost close in size to the Galaxy Note phone, and equally as beautiful as that phone. Samsung has been the brand to challenge the iPhone4s and give it a run for it's money.

Nokia would do well to start emulating them as it's getting lost in the advancement of phones, similar to the way Kodak got left in the dust when it failed to adapt properly to digital photography.

The Galaxy S III won't be out in America until mid-Summer, so until then you can consider this Android phone or the gorgeous Galaxy Note, or the Galaxy S II here if you are in the market for a phone right now:

Buy a Galaxy S II from Samsung

The Galaxy Note from Samsung
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