Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tech story Sunday, Phils wrap up series out in Colorado

The Phillies are wrapping up their series out in Colorado today. The Fightins are 2-3 so far this year and have split with the Rockies already 1-1 so this game will determine the winner of the series. Join Jim Mulry and Rich Baxter later on Philly Sports Talk Now! live @ 6:30 pm right here on the website as we will talk about the season so far for the Phillies.

I am introducing a few tech stories to this blog as well as the regular sports stories you'll find here along with my weekly podcasts. Here is a tech story from the NY Times, introducing the Visa card that you have on your very own cell phone, hey can we somehow get some more money into our bank accounts so we can spend more on our new Visa by cellphones?

Here's the story link....
Bits: Visa Introduces a Credit Card on a Phone
Published: April 10, 2009
Visa is introducing a system that lets customers wave specially equipped cellphones in the checkout aisle to charge purchases.

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