Friday, April 24, 2009

Phillies hope to change luck in Miami - new Philly Sports Talk Now! show Sunday night

The Phillies have been on a bad streak lately. The team hasn't shown that mighty play that led them to win the World Series last year all that much so far. The starting pitching has been nothing short of bad for lack of a better adjective. The keys to why the team has played like this are a lack of offense sometimes when the pitching is doing well, and bad pitching other times when the offense is producing. This is an over simplification of what's going wrong but it still sums it up pretty well. Another thing could be that the team with the few changes that it has made to start playing with one another in better sync. Chemistry plays a lot in a winning team and right now the chemistry isn't all what maybe it could be.

It's a good thing it's still April still no time to panic, although the losses in April could end up costing you plenty come September when the playoff races start to heat up. Right now the only good thing for the Phillies is that the Mets seem to be losing just as much so for now that's a good thing.

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