Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Phillies go cold again at Citizens Bank Park, they wait for 'The Ring'

The Phillies had a chance to get to .500 ball tonight. Only two games into the season and the Phils find themselves 0-2 at a chilly CBP in South Philly tonight.

Jamie Moyer didn't pitch the worst game as I think Brett Myers really didn't do all that bad against the Braves, but the Phillies offense is where there is little life.

Three's a charm they say, and tomorrow it's Game 3 and the ring ceremony. I think the Phillies will owe it to themselves to play much better in Game 3 after they get their rings. Speaking of the rings, they are under a strict code of silence. The players don't know what they look like, the press doesn't either so we have to wait to see how they look. No doubt they will be nice, but we'll have to wait till Wednesday to see it!

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