Saturday, April 18, 2009

Honoring HK the old fashioned way

This morning I drove past Citizens Bank Park on the way to the Philly International Airport and on my way vacation out to Las Vegas. I wanted so much to stop and pay my respects to a man that I didn't know personally but over the years grew fond of his 'on air' personality. A broadcaster who I listened to since I was a kid. He was there broadcasting the games when the Phillies were horrible and when they went to the playoffs and World Series.

I was listening to KYW news radio 1060 am from the time I left my home in South Jersey till the time I arrived at the airport. The descriptions of a line wrapping around the stadium just to get into Citizen's Bank Park were moving. There was an interview with a guy who was second in line to get into the park to see Harry. The guy arrived at the park around midnight and his 8 hour wait was just about over to get in. Thousands of people will go to the park today, maybe 100,000 or more. It just seems like that kind of day, beautiful without a cloud in the sky.

On KYW news radio, they said there have been only 3 such viewings at ballparks like today's. Babe Ruth, Jack Buck, and now Harry Kalas are being honored by the fans. Yes this is old fashioned in this day and age. Computers, cell phones, twitters, and blogs cannot relay the real story that is going on down there at the park today. This is a by-gone tradition of visiting someone in person, and caring enough to do it. If my wife and I weren't going on our vacation that has been planned for so long, we would have been there too. God bless you Harry, and family, thanks for letting us say goodbye to a guy we loved.

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