Sunday, March 01, 2009

Eagles let veterans loose, may there be more in store to flee?

Even the Cheerleaders are subject not to be with the team too long!

The Eagles already lost two of their biggest names on the team. Brian Dawkins now a Bronco, and could this be the start of even larger names to leave? Donovan McNabb specifically wanted better players to surround him on the team. Now with this departure, the Eagles have seeming become a team that needs more rebuilding than ever. Lito Sheppard was also allowed to get out of his contract with the Eagles and move on to the Jets.

Could McNabb want to depart next? And should the Eagles deal with this any differently? The Eagles have had a strange way of dealing with personnel since the days of T.O. - and no one is safe when it comes to this strategy by the team.

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