Friday, January 23, 2009

Phillies all set except for Howard

Big money Howard, will he catch the wrath of Phillies fans?

The Phillies all were quickly resigned, most with nice raises over last season. The lone holdout has been Ryan Howard. Howard is seeking a salary into the stratosphere with an $18 million dollar demand. If we figure out how much he'll get per strikeout from last year, it equals to $90,452 per strikeout ... if he gets his $18 million dollars.

Everyone I've spoken to doesn't like the idea of paying Ryan all that much to play like he has been playing. Anyone who doesn't care about what they pay players on the team obviously doesn't care about the team that much and probably doesn't buy tickets. A local sports writer in the Daily News for Philadelphia wrote a column, "Who cares what we pay sports stars?" - if you're a fan of the team I think the answer should be, me!

The Phillies front office says there is no 'contention' between both sides. If there's no contention then why not just pay it I say? What's $4 million between friends?......

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