Monday, September 29, 2008

The Phils keys to win against Milwaukee

The Phillies can win this series with Milwaukee if they, take two games from them right off the bat in Philly. Don't play around, we need to win both games here in Philly and the pressure is off, if we lose one at home, this won't be good.

Yovani Gallardo will be the pitcher for the Brewers in Game 1. He is coming off an injury that should make him ripe for Phillies batters to take him deep! I hope Cole Hamels brings his good stuff to the game for the Fightin's on Wednesday. I don't want to see him implode on the mound, and start shaking his head at his bad pitches. Once he starts doing this, his day will be done. I expect him to go out there and show the world he is the quality pitcher we think he is.

The Phillies somehow kept the Brewers bats silent during the series here in September only a few weeks ago. They would do well to do that again. Don't let a team beat you with the bats, the Brewers had 16 losses in September alone, they made the postseason on the Mets collapse and really do they deserve to be in there at all? The team had a big collapse in September by themselves.

Fan participation: the 10th player on the field. We have to be loud and supportive of our players. Never show displeasure now, our players need all the support we can give them. Now is not the time to let the guy next to you boo the Phillies. Put them in their place if the do, this is not the time or place.

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