Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Show 100 - Philly Sports Talk Now! - (Aug 27 2008)

Time for celebration, it's Show 100 - it has been 100 shows and nearly two years of weekly shows of our podcast. We talk about the big Phillies win, and what it took for them to get back into first place.

We bring you our NFL football picks special on this show, we tell you how we think the Eagles do. Jimmy recalls some of our better moments of the shows we've done. There is a special edition with a look back after this show at our first few shows we did almost two years ago. Now, we've streamed 100 shows to all of the USA, via the Talkshoe network and all around the world on our iTunes ready show as well.

Enjoy show 100 - Rich Baxter Philly Sports Talk Now!

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