Friday, August 22, 2008

Phillies postseason tickets

Just received my Phillies postseason package. If they make the postseason that is! The Division Series will start on October 1st which is a Wednesday and cover through the first week of October. The Division Series is a five game series and the winner moves up to the National League Championship series which is a seven game series. The winners of those series in the National and American leagues go onto the World Series which will see game 1 played on October 22nd which is also a Wednesday.

Here are the prices on the playoff tickets:

NL Division Series: Oct 1st - 7th

Field Level $70

All other areas: $40

NL Championship Series: Oct 9th - 18th

Field Level: $120

All other areas: $80

World Series: Oct 22nd - Oct 30th

Field Level: $225

Most other areas: $150

Terrace Deck - Pavillion Deck: $125

Now all the Phillies have to do is get into the playoffs, and that at this time doesn't look like a shoe in.

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