Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tonight's show postponed

We'll try again soon for our next show, Jim 'Sports Dog' Mulry was unable to make tonight's show on Philly Sports Talk Now! so we'll have to reschedule it soon!

Meanwhile, the Yankees pickup Ivan Rodriguez, is there no farm system that the Yankees have? If you need somebody, you just go out and sign them! It's the Yankee way. Posada goes down for the year, no problem - the Yanks go out and bring in a career slugger of a catcher with no problem. I hope those people in the $2500 seats next year get a winning ballclub though, with all that money the Yankees spend, it's almost like buying love, you can't really do that, and you can't buy a winning team either.

More on this on our next show!

Rich Baxter - Philly Sports Talk Now!

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