Monday, July 07, 2008

Adam Eaton aka 'Jekyll and Hyde' gets early rest

The pitching potion was mixed poorly as Adam 'Jeckyll and Hyde' Eaton looked terrible as he got rocked tonight against the Mets

Adam Eaton didn't show his better side tonight. A 'quality start' this was not. The Mets batters swatted him like he was pitching wiffle ball underhanded tonight as the Mets jumped out to an 8-0 lead before Charlie Manuel strolled out to take the ball from Eaton's hand. No Charlie didn't bother going out to the mound prior to this, nor did the pitching coach who watched helplessly from the dugout. Is Dubee to blame for all of this mess? See my post at for more on my theory about this

Eaton showed his ugly side tonight, and the Phillies couldn't dig themselves out of that deep hole.

Eaton tonight: IP 2.2 Hits 10 Runs 8 Stikeouts 1

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