Friday, June 06, 2008

Rollins miscue not a sin!

Jimmy Rollins well publicized benching the other day was a real joke. Rollins hit a high fly up to deep short, which 98.9 times out of 100 is an out, that would have been the third out. Rollins looked dejected as he lurched off towards first and didn't make it much past first base after the ball was dropped.

Charlie Manuel, the Phillies manager, felt it necessary to take Rollins out of the game in a very public spanking of Rollins in public. This went way too far. Rollins was last year's NL MVP, Rollins deserved a lot better from Manuel. If anything Manuel could have taken him in the office after the game and talked to Rollins. No one really would have noticed this. Just as no one really noticed Jimmy not advancing more than first base on the dropped fly.

If I had a dollar for everytime I though Manuel's moves can be dead wrong, I'd be very rich by now. The Phillies are winning right now, and Manuel is enjoying basking in the sunlight of the winning streak. He's no Dallas Green, he's no Tom Lasorda, and he's not even close to being a really great manager in my opinion.

Rollins is one of the most under appreciated players in the league by not only the Phillies but even the media. He didn't deserve this, I've seen many plays that were worse by Philly players and nothing was done that was so obvious as this. Manuel was wrong, and he better start understanding that Rollins is putting all those feathers in his cap not only this season but previous one's of course.

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