Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phillies try to recover out West

The Phillies dropped game 1 of their road trip out in Oakland to continue their slide into the second week. The Phillies have been on the losing end of games 6 times in a row now, but a stroke of luck finds them still in first place as the Marlins and Mets have also been losing when the Phillies do.

The Phillies used to do everything right, now they can do nothing right. They need to get down to basics, hit the ball and advance the runner. Hit, then move the runner is all they need to do. This team doesn't need a hero homerun every game, just get on base and concentrate on moving the runner forward. This is a good time to examine the basics, and the Phillies aren't getting the basics done.

There was talk about Charlie Manuel and what he doesn't do on Philly Sports radio stations today. These things get overlooked when a team is winning, but no Charlie is getting himself on the hot seat. He doesn't make many moves beyond the very obvious, and now the spotlight is on him to do his job. Remember when Charlie benched Rollins? Not a good move, maybe the whole team can be benched soon for not doing the basics. Ryan Howard needs to step up, get off the Gatorade and Powerade commercials and start thinking about baseball. He strikes out far too much and doesn't produce in the clutch. This may sound crazy, but dangle Ryan out on the market and let's see if we have get a Roy Oswalt or someone like him in return. The Phillies don't have what it takes to give Howard the moon, which is what he's going to want as his contract really soon. Why not move him now to a team like the Astros that may be able to give us that 15-20 game winner, even though Oswalt isn't doing that great so far, it just could be the young team he has built around him.

I've seen Bobby Abreu get traded for next to no one, and all too often this happens to the Phillies. We have some trade bait, if it's Howard, let's toss him out there and see what he'll catch. He's a player that has some impressive stats but I think he doesn't help a club out when it's clutch time.

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