Friday, May 09, 2008

Looking at the Phillies from Paris France

You may have noticed the blog here took a couple weeks off since our last post. I am still on vacation here in Paris, France and watching some Phillies action from my pc in my hotel for the highlights after the games are played.

I did bring my Phillies hat with me and may wear it on my last day here, as I saw a guy wearing a New York Yankee cap today on my way to see the world's biggest museum called The Louvre.

The Phillies went .500 in Arizona, not too bad considering how the Dbacks have been playing lately. Everything over here in Europe is soccer, or football as they call it here. The baseball fan can still connect on via the MLB tv package, so that's not a bad thing.

Well, looking forward to getting home and watching some baseball, it's nice in Paris, but I've been jonesing for some baseball action.

Rich Baxter / Philly Sports Talk Now!

ps. gas is high in the Philly/South Jersey area but nothing like here in France, the gas prices are 1.52 Euros per liter, and you times that by 3.79 liters to get to one gallon and that gives you 5.76 Euros or $8.99 per gallon in Paris. So fill up and enjoy!

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