Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phils going up against the upstart Astros tonight

The Fightin Phils are going up against the newly revived Houston Astros for the first game of a three game series starting tonight at Citizen's Bank Park. The Astros have been revitalized by none other than former Phils GM Ed Wade. I expected the Astros to come out like gunfighters and rise to the top or near the top of the Central Division in no time, they've had a bit of a rocky start as did most of the teams that were picked to do so well this year.

The Phils have been very much on a see saw for the first thirteen games, there's been greatness and not so great plays already. This is to be expected during the long season of baseball, hopefully in the end though there is much more greatness than the other way around. Here's the offensive leaders of the club so far:

BA: .359 Pat Burrell

Hits: 17 Chase Utley

HR's: 4 Pat Burrell

RBI's: 13 Pat Burrell

So far during the season the attendance figures at Citizen's Bank Park have been fairly good for the early part of the season the Phils are 5th out of 16 teams in the National League with 237,905 -

Rich Baxter / Phillywebcast.com

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