Thursday, March 20, 2008

WIP ponies up to Obama

WIP sports radio acted as I would have expected them to act when receiving a call from presidential candidate Barrack Obama. As they do with the terrible commentary on sports, Angelo Cataldi and the rest of the morning crew fell over themselves to gush pleasantries to a candidate when they could have really thrown some good questions at him.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer's website:

Obama this morning sounded relaxed as he hit Cataldi and Co.'s softball questions out of the proverbial ballpark.

"Why should we elect you?" Cataldi said.

"I think we're at a moment in our history where we need to break from the past in a fundamental way," Obama replied.

The legislator from Illinois repeated his campaign's constant refrain, that culture and policies of the Federal government must change.

Obama lambasted Washington lobbyists, expressed sympathy for citizens losing their homes to mortgage foreclosure, and offered sympathy for families with loved ones deployed to Iraq.

Talk about a good opportunity to ask about some more recent revelations about other issues surrounding the race to get into the White House! I've heard them grill Charlie Manuel more for why he brought Tom Gordan in when he did during a game!

And what does Obama mean by 'break from our past' this is scary, what does he want to create the United States of Obama?

Rich Baxter / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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