Saturday, March 29, 2008

Phils drop 2 preseason to the Jays & inflation at the ballpark

10 million reasons for a great season! (pic R.Baxter)

The Big Hurt struggling at the plate lately (pic R.Baxter)

Is the Phanatic fed up with middle relief? (pic R.Baxter)

You start off with high hopes every Spring as a baseball team. The Phillies lived a Cinderella life last year, coming out of no where to snag the NL East Title. They were in contention for a possible wild card position but with 10 days left in the season last year anything could have happened to the team.

My prediction made a couple of weeks ago has changed, I am now floating back to earth from my earlier prediction and I am revising my Phillies win total this year to 83. I originally had picked 98 but having had the last two weeks to mull over that lofty goal, my mind has been changed with the first preseason game and now the second at Citizen's Bank Park just today.

The concern lies with pitching, for some reason the Phillies have not gotten the job done with hiring quality middle relievers. We watched from the stands today, and the Phils after just grabbing a guy off of the wire named, Lahey, who arrived only today in Philadelphia and the Phillies put him out on the mound. Welcome to Philly, here's a baseball. There's something wrong in that picture. He promptly went out there and gave up 4 hits and somehow got out with giving up one run.

We were greeted upon arrival to the Citizen's Bank Ballpark with a lesson on economics, prices of gas, fuel, and everything else is up and now it's the parking at the ballpark as well. $10 is not the rate anymore, now you'll cough up an extra $1 of your hard earned money to park- yes that's right official parking is $11 now. Have a soda, that's $4.25 for a 20 ounce soda in a bottle, and if you want that 'hot' pretzel now it is $3.75. Quick math, that's $8 even for a soda and a pretzel. I don't mind paying a little extra when I go out, but this is insane. Bring 4 kids who just want a pretzel and a soda, and it's $32 just for that. No wonder Ryan Howard wasn't happy with just under a million dollars, now he's a bit more comfortable with $10 mill, if he's buying that ballpark food, he just may need the extra dough.

Want a beer at the park, $6.50 please, want that shiny Phillies bottle of beer $7 is the price. I am finding that if you take the regular price of something and times it by 5 or 6 then you usually come out with the price you'll pay for the ballpark item. Inflation is hitting hard and the ballpark is no slouch when it comes to separating you from your money.

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