Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Be Oyster Aware!

What did the one oyster say to the second oyster? "Just because you have a pearl don't think you're special." At Philly Sports Talk Now! we like to bring new websites to our readers. Introducing a great website for you to learn about the oyster. www.beoysteraware.com

Stop by the website at www.beoysteraware.com

Learn all about eating oysters, and the latest recipes for enjoying a great seafood treat called the oyster. You can learn all about the nutrients that the oyster provides as well as some information on allergies to the product. This site is for continuing education for the consumer that point our people that may be 'at risk' when consuming oysters and oyster prepared foods. For instance, If you have liver disease, diabetes or a weak immune system, you should avoid raw oysters.

So, please stop by and get some 'oyster education' for a minute or two, you'll be glad you did and will be an informed consumer about the subject.

Gulf oysters

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