Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Phillies Ballgirl Sam on the show Wednesday night

We would like to invite you to our next show on Philly Sports Talk Now! for our live interview with 'Sam' a talented Phillies ballgirl. We will talk about what inspired her to want to be a ballgirl, and more!

By tomorrow night, we should know the fate of Ryan Howard's arbitration hearing. Some people say give him the money, some not. I am one of the one's that say, not! Players get paid in the Major Leagues very well, usually it's more of a time thing. Howard should have gladly accepted $7 million this year and played his tail off knowing that his bigger payday would be due. Is it me or is there something wrong with not wanting $7 million bucks to play baseball for a year? Howard is no where near the player Puljols is and he shouldn't be compared to him money wise. 199 strikeouts last year is enough to warrant some serious consideration. One in three at bats over the current career numbers is a strikeout. Don't believe the hype, if Ryan gets $10M then Rollins should get $15M for his service, hustle and being the MVP last year. These younger players should just wait a while before they go up to the poker table and want to walk away with all of the chips!

Rich Baxter / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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