Monday, February 04, 2008

493 reasons why Ryan Howard doesn't get $10 million

The headline may sound a little harsh. 493 is the number of strikeouts that Ryan Howard has in his young but productive major league career. Considering the fact that Howard has been up to bat 1461 times total is the benchmark I am using to say that even though he hits homeruns, his strikeout rate is phenomenal. One out of every three bats is a strikeout. That is too much, much to much.

He had a banner couple of years to start out, and I don't want to diminish that. The awards are great as an individual. Team play is something else. I want Howard to cut down on the stikeouts and get on base more. Is he worth the $10 million now, not in my opinion. He will get a windfall when he is eligible for free agency that is for sure. Will he stay in Philly when he is eligible? Probably not, he will follow the dollar bill where they are stacked the highest. That is what players do this day and age, no allegiance to a team, they just want to get what they can get and fill their bank accounts with money.

The longball is great, everyone loves a homerun. In the long run though 200 strikeouts by one player is too much. It can be the difference between winning and losing games. Time will tell if Howard gets his way, but for my money he should become a better all around player and get on base more!

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