Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lidge in the fold, hopefully he shines

Mr Brad Lidge is in town with his brand new contract and his new team. I can see the headlines now though if he doesn't come through for the Phillies. Houston was very interested in dealing him, for good reason also. He saved 19 games in 27 opportunities that is a bit on the troubling side really. He's pitched only 65-70 innings in each of the last three seasons each year. He had 8 blown saves last season in Houston. On the bright side Lidge had 42 saves in 2005 to earn his way onto the All Star team that year.

So the 2008 season is still months away, and the Phils are still looking for more pitching. We will see what other moves come out of this, I think the Astros got the better of the deal. They got a starting center fielder who is fast, very much a raw talent still. A good reliever in Geary, and Mike Costanza who was supposed to be in the Phillies future plans but now that the Houston GM Ed Wade is calling some shots that isn't to be anymore. Wade even is interested in Lieber and I wouldn't doubt that he ends up an Astro.

Here's what Houston Astro sports writer Alyson Footer from said in reference to the Lidge trade:

Look, we all know what Brad can do when he's on the top of his game. But clearly, his time had come and gone in Houston. It's been an unbelievably difficult two years for Lidge and for Astros fans. As I watched him pitch through 2007, I saw glimpses of that 97 mph fastball and that fabulous slider that put him on the map three years ago. And I'd often think, "He can still be a great closer." But as the season progressed, I asked myself, "Can you honestly envision him closing games for the Astros in October?" And as much as I wanted to believe he could, I just couldn't picture it actually happening that way. He needed to move on. He has one more year before he's a free agent, so even if the Astros kept him for '08, he'd surely be gone after the season.

Rich Baxter

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