Friday, October 05, 2007

Phils fans get a break from the series today

Fans take a breather now, Hope the Phillies get hot
photo by Cavalier92 on Flicker

No game today. Nothing for the fans to gather around the radio or tv at work or home or at Citizen's Bank Park for that matter. The show has moved on to Denver and on Saturday the series continues on. The Phils have hosted their first two playoff games at home in their new home at Citizen's Bank Park. Over 3.1 million fans were at the stadium this year to see the team play.

A lot of interesting questions now arise that the season may be near an end for the Phil's season. Will Manuel be hired back on with the team? Ryan Howard will see a big contract this off season. How much will it be? Is 199 strikeouts acceptable from Howard, even though he batted in 136 rbi's and 47 homeruns? Who won't be a Phillie next year? Burrell had a great season for the Phils this year, is he a lifetime Phillie?

So many questions that time itself will handle. In just 24 hours the next playoff game will be played with the Rockies, we need a win - so break out the rally towels at home and let's go Phils!

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