Friday, October 05, 2007

Phillies need a piece of the Rock

Two games in the hole in a five game series is not good. The Phillies must pull another miracle and win 3 in a row now to take the series and advance into the NLCS. The Rockies are still surging and the Phils have cooled off a bit. A lot has been said about Charlie Manuel's taking Kendrick out of game when he did. If the Phillies got out of the inning then he appears to be an Abner Doubleday and gets the credit for being a genius. The Phillies are just playing a team at this point that is red hot, hopefully the Phils can make a series of this and force a game 5. They have to go into the next game with a great mind set.

The Rockies can lose ballgames, they got swept themselves a couple times during the season. Toronto swept them up in Toronto, and the Cubs swept them in Chicago. The Washington Nationals swept them for 4 games straight this season in Washington. The Phillies need to do that now, just a three game sweep or else the season ends.

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