Thursday, October 18, 2007

Free Agents that could become a Phillie?

The recent reports of the Phillies being interested in players who will be or are free agents is intriguing. Some names that are brought to the forefront are Schilling, Lowell, or even A-Rod. Would any of these players fit in with the Phillies of 2008?

The Phillies do need one or more pitchers who they can count on to win 15 or more games for them for 2008. Schilling is a veteran pitcher who gives his all. Can he be one of them? Probably not, his asking price will be too high for the Phillies to go out on a limb for in my opinion. They do need to acquire a couple of good pitchers though. The difference between making the playoffs and not making them rests in this decision. The Phillies got awfully lucky by just winning the division this past season, it would be nice to have them with a comfortable lead going into the playoffs and win the division next year with ease.

Former Philly Carlos Silva will be a free agent. Could he make a return to Philly pinstripes? Scott Linebrink as well will be a choice for some team out there looking to fill their rotation for relief. Mariano Rivera will not be with another team I think, he'll stay a Yankee and retire with them. Bartolo Colon may be looking for a new home, he didn't do so well last year as he went 6-8 with a high 6.34 era, he may be damaged goods. There is a guy named Zambrano out there if the deal is right and a guy named Smoltz. Any player may be interested in the gutsy Phillies with their good chances to make the post season in 2008.

Come on Pat Gillick, go out a winner and make a couple great deals for us! We were supposed to be in the playoffs this year according to you, but next season is looking up!

Rich Baxter / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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