Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The rise and fall of the Phillies 2007

If any team can have such a high one week and then a low the next week to equal that high it has to be the Phillies. They sweep the Mets then they limp along and into today's game up 8-2 in the 8th inning, I just watched it again on the night replay of the game that signaled the rise and the fall of the 2007 Phillies. This game is exactly what the Phillies problem has been all season. No bullpen to rely on. Tom Gordon should never ever again pitch for the Phillies and Brett Myers is a victim of the 'Mitch Williams' syndrome.

We taped a segment of Philly Sports Talk Now tonight, but the baseball gods must have been angry at the way Jim 'Sports Dogg' Mulry bit at the team with a ferocious mauling of them. I had equipment problems as it was just as well for tonight's taping to be cancelled. Jim couldn't believe the game that he had just seen, he was livid. I was livid too, and I suspect all Phillies fans saw this game as the beginning to the end of this season. I hoped to be upbeat after today, I counted this game well before I should have. No lead is safe with this 2007 Phillies team. They could be up 20-0 and still end up losing, and I really mean that. Today has been an ugly loss, and the end to a bad roadtrip.

The Phillies lead the NL in a lot of offense catagories, and the pitching trolls near the bottom in nearly every catagory. It's a shame for the fans who expected more from the Phils, and Pat Gillick should be let go for not doing something more for this team when it desperately needed pitching and the bad moves he's made over the past year and more.

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