Thursday, September 13, 2007

Phils teeter on the edge for wild card now

Join us tonight on the next Philly Sports Talk Now! - we will discuss the Phillies and their tightrope walk towards the wild card. Now with the losses against Colorado, they have put their backs up against a wall.

Now they're tied for second place with other teams from the NL West - LA, Colorado, and San Diego. Arizona is running away with the western division and now it's between the Phils and the rest of the west to fight it out. The good thing is that the Rockies play in their own division in the last few series remaining.

Do the Phillies still have what it takes to make it to the playoffs? I don't know, in the last two games the Phillies haven't shown that they will. The Phillies play inspired one series and just the opposite the next. Charlie Manuel needs to learn that he needs to walk hitters in certain situations. With 2 men on base and Matt Holliday up to bat, Manuel should have walked Holliday and hoped for the double play. That's the difference between managing a club and not.

Only a few more series to go and we will see if the Phillies will make the playoffs.

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