Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Defywire is School safety!

Philly Sports Talk Now! welcomes the school season back to all of our readers. These days nothing can be taken for granted with school safety and security of students and teachers. The key is to plan ahead and be ready for an event of emergency that no one wants to face, but with a great website called Defywire.com - you can prepare yourself for such events with the proper planning. Medical emergencies require immediate contact information to be known, and Defywire offers the secure delivery of such information to people who need to know!


Defywire uses the latest in technology and merges the information that is critical in emergencies to connect with your parents, peers, or other people that you need to get in contact with in the event of any emergency situation that should arise. They offer mobile security through their patented 'real time' wireless device security suite. They offer many different solutions for students, and educators so check them out!

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