Sunday, July 29, 2007

Phils sweep Bucs, and into 2nd place

The Phillies swept the Bucs for a decisive third game on Sunday despite early heavy rain falls that looked as though the game may not get underway at all. The skies opened up and then later the Phillies bats opened up as the offense behind the great pitching from Kyle Kendrick provided the Phils the extra uumph to win the game and the series sweep on Sunday.

I have a Sunday season plan but upon leaving my home in Southern New Jersey the skies looked extremely dark and the weather warnings of severe thunderstorms was enough to turn us around and watch the game from home if it indeed went on. The opening pitch was only delayed 15 minutes so that wasn't too bad, I can remember trying to wait out a rain delay for more than an hour a couple of times so I wanted no part in that.

Chase Utley's injury seems like a minor setback for the team at this point in time, the Phillies have answered a call to 'step up' and get the job done from other players on the team. J Roll was again great on Sunday, and I hope his preseason prediction of reaching the playoffs is reached as he is playing greatly. If Chris Coste doesn't make the team next year, I'll give up my season seats! What does a guy have to do to prove himself? Coste was delivered many times for the Phillies and it should be plain to see that he deserves a back up catcher's roll on this team.

I am reading Mike Schmidt's new book, "Clearing The Bases" and I highly recommend the book for us Phillies fans. Our next show will be this coming week after we took last week off so talk to you then on our podcast.

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