Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

It's the fourth of July and we will be doing on next podcast on Thursday night, July 5th. The Phillies have been having a tough time down in Houston, but the good news is the Mets and the Braves also lost last night so the Phils didn't lose any ground.

On the next show, we will look back at the stats of the first half of the season for the Phillies. Jim Dogg will give us his analysis of how he feels the Phillies have performed so far. I will add into the mix a lot of stats and comparisons with the Fightins as well. We'll also look at what the Flyers have been up to in the off season.

So tune into our next show. We will try to broadcast the show again via Stickam live as we tape it. The camera will on be on Rich though you'll be able to hear the show as we do it, believe it or not, Jim doesn't even own a computer! He plans to change that soon, but Jim's real computer is inside his head as he is a walking plethora of information! We had some technical difficulties the first time we tried to use Stickam but we'll give it another go this week. Tune in around 7:15 pm on Thursday and see what the show is up to. As usual, we will be editing our show and presenting it as always on our blog for listening or downloading the mp3 file for yourself, or you can go it iTunes and subscribe to our show so you don't miss a show that we do!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Rich Baxter / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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