Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Phils admit it, the Mets in the drivers seat... Next Podcast Wednesday night!

Well it finally happened, after 6 weeks of seesawing back and forth between .500, the Phillies players have looked at the standings and have acknowledged that it's the Mets that the Phils need to chase. The Giants and the Phils ended up splitting the series 2-2 after some heroic plays and some hilarious plays. The rain on Sunday produced a errant throw from Pat Burrell that is sure to make the highlight reel for the 'funnies' plays of the MLB. Burrell reeled back to throw the ball and it went 15 feet straight up into the air as Burrell looked like a catcher throwing his mask off trying to find where the ball went.

Next up for the Phillies will be the buzzing NY Mets. The Mets will be ready for the Phils at home that is for sure. The Mets are 17-13 at home and a blistering 18-7 on the road. This is shaping up to be a great year for the Metropolitans, they are 35-20 with the season nearing the one third mark. I only wish the Phillies had that record, you wouldn't even be able to buy a ticket to a game because everyone would have Phillies fever!

The marquee match up of this series between the Mets and the Phillies will be the final game of the series with Cole Hamels facing John Maine. Freddie Garcia, who was largely booed on Sunday for his lackadaisical play, will pitch in KC next. Garcia looked slow motion on the mound on Sunday and he didn't even run out a ground out which prompted the fans to boo him throughout the stadium. He hit the ball slowly but only took 5-6 steps to first before he just stopped running. Excuse me but your being paid very well how about some more effort! The fans also gave him a serious amount of booing after he was taken out of the ballgame on Sunday. The Phils should trade Garcia in my opinion. The fans were giving him every opportunity to prove himself, but he just doesn't fit in. Get him outta here! As Harry Kalas would say....

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