Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Phillies sweep up the Sox!

The Phillies are on a roll of sorts. They've been beset with serious injuries to some of their key pitchers and they still are coming through with the wins! Today, they swept the Sox at home with a business person's special that saw former Sox player Aaron Rowand come through with a grand slam against his old team to seal the Phillies victory. It must have been a bitter sweet moment for Aaron as he circled the bases knowing that he put some nails in the coffin of his 'old' team.

The ballpark was loaded with 42,000 plus for the afternoon game and all the Phils fans left the park happy. The Phillies are on a perch sitting 2.5 games off the lead of the Mets who themselves have had many problems in their last couple of games. Just 2 weeks ago this looked impossible with the radio airwaves of the local sports stations full of fans who were throwing in the towel. They might want to go and get that towel out of the trash can, because we have a race in the NL East now! Interleague play couldn't have come at a better time for the Phillies and neither could be the timing of their current win streak. Detroit comes to town for three games starting Friday and that team has been playing a lot better then the White Sox, and should be a better test of the Phillies.

Our podcast was postponed for tonight, we are going to try to get one in for this week, but if not we will be back with another podcast next week. Jim Dogg and I have a lot of great Phillies talk stored up with this win streak so we can't wait till the next broadcast. If you haven't listened to our last podcast, be sure to listen in and hear our conversation with the San Francisco based blog called, "Across the Seams," and it's owner Marty Cortinas, (who is also a successful book author on computers, and online poker playing!) as we talk about Barry Bonds, the new phenom pitcher for San Francisco Tim Lincecum, and more! We are also available for download on iTunes as well, so sign up to get all our podcasts!

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