Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pay Per Post, a blog's best friend!

I want to share with my readers of the Philly Sports Talk Now! Blog about a great service called Pay Per Post, they are located on the web at It is a great service for bloggers who like to write about things that interest them and get paid money for it, and share that information with others. It also is a great avenue for advertisers that want to get a wider audience of readers that find out about what they are promoting.

I have been a member of Pay Per Post for a month now, and I love their approach and easy to use blogging offers that they give to their members like me. It's free to you the blogger, and you get paid to write about things that people are interested in learning about. What could be better, I love to write and I love Pay Per Post! You will too, if you give them a try.

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