Monday, June 11, 2007

Meade's MySky Personal Sky Exploration

One of my favorite hobbies outside of watching Phillies baseball is looking out over the summer sky at night observing stars, the moon, and some constallations. Meade has been a leader in the field of observing the solar system with neat telescopes, binoculars, and other neat electronic devices. They have developed a new handheld device called the MySky that has a database of over 30,000 objects in space including, stars, planets, constallations, and galaxies. This device will take the guessing out of what you are looking for in the night sky and will identify all the celestrial bodies that make up the night sky! Imagine a hand held unit that locates and identifies what you are looking for in the night sky and the new MySky Exploration guide will show you on it's incredible LCD screen in full color!

Whether you are a casual fan of astronomy or student who wants to know more about browsing the night sky, the Meade MySky is the device you need, before this nifty gadget came along it took a lot of learning to identify different celestrial bodies! Now it's all done for you with the handheld unit, about the size of a cordless screwdriver! If your like me you'll go out after watching your favorite Phillies game and take in the night sky a while, take one of these MySky's out and you'll have a better knowledge of the sky and where certain constellations and arrangements of the stars and planets are around you! It's just that easy.

Find out more and to order your MySky click below!

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