Thursday, June 07, 2007

Don't miss the Police on Tour, or their new CD!

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Philadelphia has always been a great city for the band, The Police. The Police have reformed and joined together for a tour that is currently weaving through the USA and around the world, and will be in Philadelphia on July 19th at Citizens Bank Park. I first saw The Police in Atlantic City at the famous Boardwalk Hall back in 1983. In the early 80's the band owned the airwaves of radio and Sting, who is the lead singer of the band, became a household name. My favorite memories of the band was waiting for each new album, yes! I said a record, to come out! They improved with every release and a lot of their music was made up from the bands' love of reggae music. They influenced a lot of rock acts that followed their raw sound and even some of the real early music of the Police was derived from the punk rock era itself.

The Police have released a new compilation cd that give you all of the songs that made the band one of the biggest rock bands ever. It is well worth a purchase to get all of these hits from such a great band. My favorite Police song would have to be Roxanne. When I was in high school back in 1981-1982 I had a crush on a young lady that worked in the computer office that our class room was adjacent to. I decided that I would ask her out on a date. Her name was Roxanne, and everyone in that school was after her for a date. She had graduated a year before me, and now worked for the school that I went to, and in the end we did go out and it was really my first and perhaps most beautiful girl I have ever dated. The song by The Police named Roxanne was one of the biggest songs of that time, so naturally everytime I heard the song I thought of my 'Roxanne' and I still do to this day!

It is so great to hear The Police on this new compliation cd that they have released and it is great to hear that they have reformed for a World Tour that will be in the Philadelphia area in July and around the world all this year. Welcome back to the stages!

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