Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our next show on Wednesday 5/9!

We welcome Mike Berquist back to the broadcast, tune into our next show to hear what Mike has to say about the Phillies. We're over 30 games into the season so we're going to give them our report card on the first month plus!

We'll also talk some Rocket Roger Clemons, and his return to baseball and the Bronx. Money talks and Roger walks! Hopefully he won't be walking too many batters because the Yanks are going to be paying him almost a million a start! Talk about money, this is outrageous. Someone call a psychiatrist for George Steinbrenner!

All this and more, with the might Jim Dogg and yours truly, Rich Baxter, on our next show on around 10 pm DST Eastern time zone in the USA, that's a nice 7 PM on the West Coast of the USA. We'd love to hear from you if you like our show. Give us some encouragement, or just tell us that you care!

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