Friday, May 18, 2007

Blue Jays invade Philly: we are at .500 !!

We took this week off on our audio show, we'll talk to you again next week on Philly Sports Talk Now! The imposing looking Toronto Blue Jays flew into Philly for a weekend series and the Phils won the first game in typical nail biting fashion!

Despite a nice healthy lead late into the game, the Toronto Jays stormed back and almost stole this one back as Brett Myers had a bases loaded jam he was facing in the top of the 9th inning and managed to get out of this one even though a throw by Abe Nunez appeared to pull Greg Dobbs off the bag for the final out of the game. As Scott Graham used to say though, "Put This One in the Win Column for the Fightin' Phils" anyway! Am I in the minority or do we need Scott Graham back in the broadcast booth? This nightly drubbing of Kalas, Wheels, and Sarge can stand some fresh air with the likes of Graham, and even Franzke and Larry Anderson need to give some relief in the TV booth this year. We miss those guys!! And I've spoken to a lot of Phillies fans who feel the same way.

Well we are at .500, a mountain that was a tough climb, but we are at a nice plateau now, and I like what I see. The bats are coming alive, people are having more fun, the team is winning and wow I love May! I'll be at the park to see the Jays myself. They have a power house of a team on paper. They look like a team that could contend. Then again, I thought that last year when on a vacation to Toronto, me and the Mrs. went up to the Rogers Centre and took in a Blue Jay game and were very impressed by what we saw. Anyone looking for a great road trip by the way, Toronto is a great place to go to visit and to see a ball game at the former Skydome is just great.

The Phils may not have that easy of a time in the next two games, the Jays will be hungrier and need to win here. Our Phillies need to win also so we may see one of the best series of the whole season in this weekend. Game one was certainly entertaining that is for sure!

Rich Baxter / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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