Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Phil's play uninspired vs. The Mets

The Phillies finally got to play baseball on Tuesday night. You would have guessed that they would have come out onto the field and want to tear up their rivals the New York Mets. Tom Glavine really has the Phil's number though, and he really pitched a great game, even getting himself out of several jams that could have led to the Phils taking the lead a couple times.

It's the middle of the game, two men on base for the Phils, who's coming up but the Smash Brothers, Utley followed by Howard and then Burrell. Out, Out, Out. No rally, no inspiration. Utley caught looking at a pitch that you don't take, you try to protect the plate.Howard strikes out swinging, at least he took a hack at it! Then Burrell tries to save the inning but pops up and the rally whimpers to an end. These things don't happen to great teams. Perhaps we were wrong and the Phillies aren't a great team.

This seems like it may be a long season. There's a reason the Eagles announced thier season 5 months early, it may take some of the sting away from all these Phillies losses. 3-9 is an important stat, something isn't working. Simple ideas of advancing runners to score isn't being accomplished, thus your not scoring enough runs. When the pitching is good for the Phils, the bats go quiet, and the opposite is true on other games. Charlie Manuel, you've tried to make it work, through thick and thin, but this isn't your battle anymore if you make it to the end of the month, I'll be surprised. The players are letting you down, and as the manager you are the one that is blamed.

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