Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Phil's Opener, not all is lost .... yet !

he Phil's dropped the opener, no big deal. Their opening day record is not one to relish over anyway. Missed opportunity though, I thought Chase Utley was going to come through and be the hero yesterday. There will be other games to win that way this season I am sure. The quality of play was excellent from both teams, and don't count Atlanta out of the NL East anytime soon, they looked really solid.

As I've noted here, I have embarked on a new podcast at Fightin' Phils 2007 Audio Blog
here I can put many podcasts out concerning the Phils and MLB during the course of the Phil's season. Join me over at this new blog to check it out.

One of the items I have checked out this season is over at MLB.com they have a neat free contest called "Beat The Streak" it is totally free and you have the chance at winning $100K if you can simply pick one batter each night and all he has to do is get a hit, your streak continues as many times in a row that your batter gets a hit. I am up to 2 at the moment! Another 55 games and I win the $100k! You can also win prizes for longest streaks during the season if no one gets to 'Beat The Steak". All you need is an MLB login and password and the best part about it as I've said, it is free!

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