Saturday, April 28, 2007

Phillies looked uggla tonight! Against Willis... My late April Rant!

Did you know? Tom Gordon's salary this year is $7 million dollars???
and Adam Eaton's salary is $7.2 million dollars this year? Can you say overpaid?

The Phils indeed looked ugly and uggla against the Florida Marlins on Saturday night. Adam Eaton should be the next starter to be shuffled off to bullpen, and at the soonest available time! He looked dull, flat and gave up what his ERA 7.71, is and that he has been doing during the month of April. He lacks some inspiration and looks like he's bored out there on the mound as he starts serving up those hanging breaking balls that just fly over the heads of the Phil's outfielders like missles.

Let's not fool ourselves, this team in it's present form is not the team to beat. There are several holes in it. Relief is almost non existent sans Alfonseca who has looked very good early on. Everyone else in the pen has been very unreliable and the closer, Tom Gordon should be shopped to be unloaded asap. He is a pitching nightmare and I think he has lost his stuff completely. He may go on to get more saves for the Phils, but I think he will continue to blow games left and right till there will be no more choice and the Phils will have to bow to fan pressure and take him out of the closers roll. Time will tell, when the Phils start doing anything about this terrible situation.

Offensively at times the team looks like a freight train, almost unstoppable. At other times, it can't fight it's way out of a paper bag. Is anyone the leader of this team? I thought Pat the Bat may be the leader, but he isn't vocal enough at least publicly to his teammates. A championship team has a lot of characteristics that make it a champion. In 1993, it was a bunch of tough blue collar guys who pulled together, drank together and won baseball games as a team. Even though they weren't World Series champions, they inspired us. In 1980, the Phils had a great team of veterans who got the job done with nonstop hustle. They gave us a world championship that now was 27 years ago.

Could Pat Gillick be correct in his statement that this team will not contend till 2008? Or did he buy himself some extra time as GM with that statement? Eaton surely looks like a dud, I'd rather have Randy Wolf on the mound any day rather that Eaton. So some of his moves are starting to look foolish. Garcia isn't going to win the Cy Young award this year either, and the Phils are paying him a bundle.

Oh yes and did I mention the broadcast moves this year? No Larry Anderson on TV? That's insane, and no Scott Graham that's unbelieveable. Too much Wheels, Harry, and new sidekick Gary Mathews on TV, that is for sure. I hear that from a lot of fans so we should start writing the Phils on this and telling them that 's not what we want!

One last note, is it me or should Cabrera of the Marlins be tested for eating too many Big Macs with XXL Fries? Or is he on some sort of substance enhancing formula? He looks nothing like the skinny runt he used to look like. I'm sure he wouldn't chance his career with a banned substance, but that boy has packed on about 30 pounds since I last saw him play last year. Guard the Tony Luke's stand at Citizen's Bank Park! With a guy like him around, he'd down about 5 cheesesteaks himself.

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