Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Manuel squares off against 'The King' hear what we think about it tonight!

The Philly Sports Talk Now! podcast will be on later around 10pm, tonight's show will cover the simming feud started by 'The King' (self proclaimed by the way) Howard Eskin from WIP Radio against Charlie 'Country Boy' Manuel. We offer our take on this battle of wits and words. Who was right, who was wrong. We talk Phillies baseball. Don't give up yet, this is just starting to get interesting.
My post last night when the Phil's were bashed by the Mets had me down in spirits a bit, but all is still not lost. The Phils will play many more times against the Mets this year and they aren't exactly on their way to a 100 win season either.

Tune in later tonight, and hear what the Philly Sports Talk Now! show thinks about all of this!


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