Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Win!, more to follow

The Phils did indeed get their fish fry last night, and a beautiful performance by just about everyone on the team. This team is in need of a solid leader to step to the forefront. Utley leads by example but I don't think he is the leader of the Phils, Burrell could be that guy that steps to the front and leads this club this year. Burrell's many years of experience and his long tenure with the Phils could go a long way to making things happen for the Phils this year. The Phil's may have left 32 men on base with the opening series at Citizen's Bank Park but they scored one quarter of that total last night with the 8-2 thumping of the Marlins.

Last night, Burrell showed what he is capable of, his defense and offense stole the highlight reel. Take that, fans that love to boo Burrell at Citizen's Bank Park! I've never been a fan of doing that, I don't like kicking people if their not doing that well at times, I'd rather give them encouragement. 2-4 with 4 rbi's for Burrell and he's well on his way to 100 rbi's if he can stay healthy. Rollins also did what he does best, help win ballgames. He smacked a homerun himself, and last year had a career high 25 homeruns and 83 rbi's! that is great for a shortstop.

Hanley Ramirez, SS for the Marlins and also only the Rookie of the Year for 2006 in the NL, could have stolen the Phillie's quest to win this ballgame as he left 6 men on base in this game. Look for him to improve over this series as the games go on. The Phils play division rivals 19 times each this season and they owned the series last year with the Marlins winning 13 of the 19. Doing this again this season will put them on their way to a 90 win season.

What an exit for the Phils from Citizen's Bank Park on Thursday when I attended my first game of the season watching the Fightins', it was 32 with the wind chill, snow flurries, and cold hotdogs! Now they are in beautiful sunny South Florida with 80 degree temperatures, ice cold iced teas, and good hot fried fish!

Oh yes, one more thing, bring back Scott Graham! We should start a movement at Citizens Bank Park, with signs and chants! 'We want Graham!" "We Want Graham!" .... I can hear it now.

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