Sunday, April 01, 2007

Boston sweeps exhibition, time to worry?

Boston swept into Philly and took both games of the exhibition series on Friday and Saturday. The games gave us all our first look of Dice K, the Japanese pitching sensation, who wasn't really sensational on Saturday but earned the win over the Phillies and the respect of the Phil's batters who tried their best to hit him.

For the Phil's it was meltdown by young pitcher, Cole Hamels on Friday. Cole has a long way to get back to his form if he is to be successful this year. I may have bought into Jimmy Rollins hype that this is the year for the Phils myself, I forcast the Phil's to have 95 wins this season, but if they play like they did this weekend all season long, it could be 95 losses! Adam Eaton was equally unimpressive on Saturday for the Phil's. One thing the Phillies need is to have more victories in front of their own fans this season. Here's some stats to ponder:

A. Eaton (0-3, 7.91) Spring Training Stats 2007
C. Hamels (1-3, 6.10) " " "

Last year at home the Phils record: 41-40 (Home record 2006)
On the road the Phils won more games! 44-37 (Road record 2006)

Opening Day is Monday, San Francisco and Oakland opened up the season on the west coast and the Mets and the Cardinals kicked the season off tonight in St. Louis on Sunday, and as I write this I am watching the game and those Mets look awfully tough!

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