Sunday, March 18, 2007

Will Roberson ever make the big league team?

Lost and Found: Phillies Rookies?
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Phillies prospect Chris Roberson was sent packing down to the minors with an agenda. That agenda is to become more consistent. Will he languish in the minors like Chris Coste did? One never knows except that each passing year a player gets another year older and a bit more past their prime. Roberson is 27 years old are the Phillies keeping their 'prospects' in the minors too long?

Chris was a prospect that a lot of people were watching, and watching and watching. Utley and Howard's call up was on the later side as well. Chris Coste had a banner first year as a pro last year but he struggles to make the team this year? The Phils didn't reward Coste but instead brought in two more outside players to make him fight to keep a job in the organization now. This wasn't what the Phillies used to do. Coste was a rookie sensation and he too languished in the minors way too long.

We are going to pick up this topic on the next couple of editions of 'Philly Sports Talk Now!' - so tune in later this week to hear more about this.

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