Monday, March 26, 2007

Report card time - Spring Break!

With only one more week left in Spring Training I feel it's only appropriate to have a report card sent home with the Phillies team so far in sunny Florida. Let's hope that the Spring Training hasn't been an indicator what is to come for the Phils.

Batting: Report Card Grade: B

Chase Utley is off to a burning start, as of today Chase leads the Phils in homeruns, rbi's, and total bases. Other players on fire, Greg Dobbs sporting a .380 average with 50AB's, who is fighting for a bench spot, Wes Helms, who will probably win the job at third base, and Shane Victorino who is making the most of his new home as a starter in right field this season. Karim Garcia who is fighting for a spot has made an impact as well and should secure a bench spot. Ryan Howard is hanging tough for now, he gets a 'C' for trying.

Pitching: Report Card Grade: C-

I was tempted to give the hurlers a 'D', but I couldn't dampen the opening day spirit too much. Cole Hamels hasn't really found his groove which has me a bit worried. Can he regain the form he seemed to have found late in the season last year? A brighter spot for Brett Myers who has 13 strikeouts, and Jamie Moyer leads the staff with 17 strikeouts.

Overall: Report Card Grade: D

D is for disappointed. The Phils are trolling near the bottom of the NL in Spring Training as far as standings go at 9-16. The Yankees have beat them badly today in front of 10,000 plus. The only thing I feel better about is that the NY Mets are actually right behind the Phils in last place in the NL teams of Spring Training. If the Phils expect to be division contenders they have to tweak this machine soon cause next week the games are for real and for the record I am a little nervous!

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