Sunday, March 04, 2007

Phils split the weekend with Sox win and Yanks loss

Spring Training games never really make too much of an impression on me. It's more of a time for the players to get up to speed, get back into shape and back on the diamond playing ball again. The Phils had a nice win 12-9 in extra innings against the Sox on Saturday, and then dropped Sunday's game to the Yanks 10-5. These games are basically tuneup games and players are subbed out as needed for most of the games early on in Spring Training.

One number I always check in the box score is the LOB stat. "Left On Base" - that is and I noticed in Sunday's game against the Yanks the Phillies had 27 players left stranded without scoring. That is a boat load of runners and it is often the reason that teams that could be great turn out to be teams that can't win due to this number being too high. I am always reminded by the play of Pete Rose, who unselfishly would go for the base hit to score runs instead of the long ball to look like the hero. Base hits score runs, and runs win ball games it's as simple as that.

Cinncinati, Pittsburgh, and Toronto are facing the Phils next so we'll get to see even more new faces on those teams with Bronson Arroyo now with the Reds along with relievers David Weathers and Mike Stanton. So they've improved their pitching staff fairly well.

We'll have a fresh new edition of 'Philly Sports Talk Now! Show 33' this week for you as well so stay tuned, this season will be fun to watch!

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